Our community

We are more than Mining.

We understand that our work is much more than mining. Iron ore is the key requirement for manufacturing steel, a product that’s essential to many aspects of our daily lives and is the foundation of many of the modern comforts we enjoy today, from cars, homes and tools to roads and hospitals.

The Roy Hill owners, staff and contractors are proud of the significant economic and community contribution we make. The returns from the work we do extends beyond mining and flows back into the community and across Australia.

We are actively involved with the local communities where we operate, consulting and collaborating to build a better and more sustainable future.

When mining does well, Australia does well.

Roy Hill is extremely proud of the significant economic contribution it makes to Australia through the payment of royalties and taxes which are channelled back into the community through nation-building infrastructure and services.

In the financial year 2021/2022 Roy Hill made the following economic contributions:

  • Paid $2.8 billion in taxes and royalties
  • Injected $1.3 billion of expenditure into the WA economy
  • Injected $869 million of expenditure into the rest of Australia
  • Directly employed over 3,000 people

The tens of thousands of jobs generated during project and construction phase and today’s current operations has delivered many opportunities for Australians and their families and helped contribute towards maintaining the living standards we in Australia are fortunate to enjoy.

Our ability to create these opportunities is only possible through our social licence to operate.

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Indigenous engagement

Our interactions with the Traditional Owners of the land on which we operate are based on genuine partnerships, mutual respect and shared responsibility. Explore information on heritage surveys, cultural awareness and more.

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School Programs

Our school programs provide a free and immersive learning experience for Year 9 and 10 students and are designed as part of a Roy Hill initiative to support classroom learning by letting students see how their STEM studies relate to real-world applications in mining.

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Community Grants Program

We are proud to support those who support our community. Roy Hill’s Community Grants Program allows eligible parties to submit applications for funding up to $10,000 to deliver community activations and outreach activities. 

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