Group executive news

Group executive news

Geraldton tree planting event in honour of late QEII cancelled by Indigenous elders


On Saturday, Geraldton Mayor Shane Van Styn claimed on his Facebook page the tree-planting event at Wonthella Bush Reserve was “shut down” because of the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act, which came into effect on July 1. Mr Van Styn told The West Australian on Sunday the city had checked online beforehand for Aboriginal heritage at the site and found no problems, but halted the event after one of the local traditional owners turned up and said the reserve was a significant site for her family. However, a member of the family told The West Australian she was not concerned about the planting of the trees but rather what she believed was the renaming of the land to honour Queen Elizabeth II.

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This month is a special one for our mining company, as we are celebrating the anniversary of our Hope Downs mines development together with our 50 per cent partner Rio Tinto. In 2005 this was a game changer for our then little Aussie company.

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Ngurra Kujungka Annual Interschool Swimming Carnival | 2023


Over 80 students and community members from Kunawarritji, Punmu, Warralong, Strelley and Marble Bar had a blast competing in swimming races and water safety games at the event. The carnival was also boosted by the attendance of two-time Olympian Blair Evans as part of the Hancock Prospecting partnership with the Australian Olympic Committee. Congratulations to the RAWA School from Punmu and Kunawarritji, who won the carnival, making their 8-hour journey worthwhile.

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Australians are ready, willing, and able to work – let them!


Currently, only 3 per cent of pensioners work in Australia, compared to 25 per cent in New Zealand. This is not because pensioners in Australia do not want to work. Research has shown that around one in five want to work, but do not, because of unfair tax and red tape barriers.The solution is to follow New Zealand’s approach by removing all red tape on pensioners, students, and veterans. This would mean that these Australians could earn as much income as they would want, without losing their pension payments or welfare benefits. Of course, they would still pay income tax like every other Australian worker. Removing all red-tape and barriers for Australian pensioners, veterans, and students to get back into the workforce, without suffering significant financial penalties, is a simple and effective policy measure that is good for them and good for our nation. More Australians working means higher government revenue through income tax, GST, and payroll tax, which can be reinvested into infrastructure and used to pay down our debt.

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Celebrating Australia and women, as we remain committed to developing opportunities for women across our operation.

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Women in Mining premiere | 2023


24 January, 2023.

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Executive Chairman Speech Roy Hill Christmas | Saturday 3 December 2022


Executive Chairman Gina Rinehart, CEO Garry Korte, Roy Hill CFO Greg Hawkins, and Roy Hill partners, enjoying the annual Roy Hill Christmas ball. Held along the banks of the Swan River. The theme, “Arabian nights”.

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