Group executive news

Group executive news

3-D genetics face-off


No longer just a tool for gaming and security systems, 3D facial analysis technology has the potential to revolutionise the diagnosis and treatment of rare genetic disorders, which impact more than 300 million people globally. “So, for instance, we have a project supported by the Roy Hill Community Foundation in the Pilbara, called The Pilbara Faces, in which we’ve been building a reference range of Pilbara data, so that its more equitable and accessible to help with care closer to home.”

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Media Release: Hancock welcomes news of approval of bid to acquire Senex Energy


Commenting on the Senex scheme approval Mrs Gina Rinehart AO, Chair of the Hancock Group of Companies said, “I am delighted with the Senex approval which is the largest Hancock investment in the energy sector. We believe that the energy sector, fundamental to maintaining our businesses and standard of living, has an important future given policies have caused the lack of investment in many areas which has already caused energy prices worldwide to rise. Recent events in Europe have served as a stark reminder underlining the criticality of energy security.”

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has exploded our renewables myth


The devastating Russian invasion of Ukraine has captured global ­attention. While the world’s focus is rightly on the human toll and suffering, the crisis has highlighted the need to end reliance on Russian oil and gas. To achieve that ambition, we must be pragmatic and invest in sensible alternatives, not engage in wishful thinking about renewable energy.

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Rare and wide-ranging interview from Gina Rinehart


The most successful woman in Australia from a business sense has spoken about the importance of International Women’s Day and revealed key issues she plans to discuss with federal leaders of both major parties ahead of this year’s election. Interview by Liam Bartlett.

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Pensioner Reform Policy Briefing & National Seniors Australia let pensioners work campaign | Link


Allowing pensioners to work will boost their retirement incomes and meet crippling labour force shortages – help us make it happen.

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Happy Australia Day from all the team at Roy Hill


Wishing you a safe and happy Australia Day 2022.

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Roy Hill Annual Christmas Party


December 2021.

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