Our vision

We are dedicated to our vision.

At Roy Hill, our vision is to be a high performing iron ore business where people contribute, realise their full potential and help to build the best mining company in Australia.

This vision is not only our aspirational statement of what we want to be, but also helps set the direction for our success. To realise this vision, we endeavour to be:

  • a knowledge-based organisation centred around innovative thinking
  • an organisation which delivers what it says it will deliver
  • a great place to work, with a community of friends who work hard, solve problems rapidly and help each other to drive Roy Hill’s success
  • an organisation that attracts and retains people who are the best in their field, and
  • An organisation where efficient processes drive high performance and fit-for-purpose outcomes.

Our values

Our Values of Lead, Care, Think and Perform define who we are, what we stand for and underpin the behaviours we demonstrate while undertaking our work activities:

  • Lead

    We passionately commit to achieving Roy Hill’s objectives, we take personal accountability in everything we do and we recognise people for their contribution.

  • Care

    We look after the health and safety of our Roy Hill people and their families, we encourage our staff, we collaborate well within and across teams and we respect each other and the company we work together for – creating the Roy Hill Community.

  • Think

    We combine cross-industry methods, technology and judgement to develop innovative solutions, we take the time to consider risks and safety implications and we value learning and share knowledge with each other.

  • Perform

    We manage priorities, conditions and risks to produce safe and sustainable results, we use our skills and agility to overcome challenges and we perform all our tasks to the best of our ability.

We seek these values and behaviours in all of our people and the suppliers we work with. Together we succeed with respect for individuals, their safety, the community and environment.

“There are many benefits of the mining industry rarely considered, apart from taxable revenue and jobs, including, flora and fauna studies, technology, opportunities for supportive businesses to grow and develop as well as charitable contributions.”

Executive Chairman and Director, Gina Rinehart