We are achieving incredible things together.

At Roy Hill, our supplier relationships play an essential role as we operate our complex integrated supply chain. We take great care to work with companies and individuals who share our integrity, our values and our commitment to safety, health and local community. We also look for suppliers who are active about identifying opportunities for innovation and continuous improvement. Together, we achieve incredible things.

Supplying to Roy Hill.

We welcome expressions of interest from potential suppliers, with a focus on local companies located in the Pilbara and Perth regions. Roy Hill prioritises Kariyarra, Palyku and Nyiyaparli Traditional Owner businesses for contracting or sub-contracting business opportunities. Further opportunities for Traditional Owner businesses are also Hancock Prospecting. Please register your details using our online form.

Prior to becoming a preferred supplier, each vendor goes through a pre-screening process to ensure they’ll meet our supplier standards. We expect that all preferred suppliers read, understand and are aligned with our vision and values

Supplier terms and conditions and instructions:

Terms of order – Goods
Terms of order – Services
Vendor master data supporting documentation specification
Domestic freight preparation and packaging specification
Preservation Packaging Specification
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