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At Roy Hill, we actively support the communities where we operate. Our ROC-Ed initiative forms part of a wide range of activities undertaken by the company to deliver on that promise.

Roy Hill’s ROC-Ed Learning Centre is a free, immersive experience, designed to support classroom teaching and learning in maths, science, geography and business studies for year 8 and 9 students. This half-day excursion aligns with the Australian Curriculum and provides an opportunity for students to visit Roy Hill’s Remote Operations Centre in Perth to experience first-hand, a busy mining operations centre and corporate headquarters in action.

Using a combination of presentations, practical tasks and online activities, students can explore how their studies at school relate to real-time operations in one of Australia’s largest iron ore mining and export projects.

Our aim is to show students some practical tasks that our team performs and how relevant and important the knowledge and skills they develop through their classroom-based learning are to businesses like Roy Hill.

The visit will help students to understand the connection between what they learn at school and the careers they can follow.


Roy Hill’s proud young history is already marked with many outstanding achievements, including multiple Australian and International awards, and is widely recognised as an industry leading, innovative and technologically advanced organisation.

We are excited to welcome visitors to the ROC-Ed Learning Centre┬áto share our journey and to experience first-hand, how one of Australia’s largest iron-ore mines was established and what it takes to run daily operations.

For further information or to book a visit to the ROC-Ed Learning Centre, please contact