Interview with National Seniors Australia Chief Advocate Ian Henschke.

Courtesy of the Bolt Report, Sky News Live.

Bolt says the problem of not getting enough workers has seen a shortage of 100000 workers in hospitality alone. He notes some restaurants have been so short of staff they had to close, stating there is only one possible solution involving people on a pension. He explains these pensioners get their pension cut by 50 cents for every extra dollar they earn, noting they could fill in if they earn more. Henschke says he was pleased to see Gina Rinehart has come out and talked about this, noting business leaders watching them tonight are saying they need the workers to be able to do the jobs they require at the moment. He notes he spoke to a business leader today who thought they should increase the work bonus and adjust the amount they pay so it replicates paying tax. He states he is not saying they are forcing people to work but they are encouraging people to stay at work, stating it is a thing needed in the economy at the moment. He points out there are a lot of women at the moment who do not have much superannuation, stating they have to think about how they can adjust the system.