2SM, Sydney, Breakfast with Richard King | Gina’s generosity

Transcript of Richard King interview, courtesy of 2SM.

On a Monday morning with Richard King. It’s 5:25 now. Daylight saving time. Hello? Oops. He’s gone. Where are you? Hang on. Where is he? Morning. And no. Well, we’re having trouble with the phones here this morning. Everybody seems to be dropping out before they get to me. Not to worry Uh, okay.

I mentioned on Friday morning it was Gina Rinehart’s birthday. Um, and thank you to, uh, Richard, who emailed in. Um. Hi, Richard. Good name. Yeah, you’re Richard too. I agree, it’s a good name. Uh, just wanted to say in regards to Gina Rinehart, plenty of people like to complain about what she does or doesn’t do. However, as an employee of hers, I’ll let you know that I’ve never heard a single complaint from within her workforce, as she absolutely takes care of us.

So much so that on Friday, which was her 70th birthday, uh, Gina Rinehart gave away $100,000 tax free to 70 lucky employees. Boy, you’d have a better chance than winning lotto, wouldn’t you? Drawn at random using employee identification numbers? Yes, $7 million all up. This is actually commonplace for her, as she’s extremely generous and thoroughly appreciative of those that work for her Not to say, Billy, you’re listening.

There you go. And look, I’ve read about this in the past that on her birthday and on special occasions, she does this, has a lottery and gives away a whole lot of money. But apparently. Thank you for that one, Richard. Haven’t heard to the other to.

Yeah, haven’t heard to the contrary on that one. But she turned 70 on Friday and apparently it was a lucky draw. Uh, using, uh, employee identification numbers, 70 people, 70 employees of Gina Rinehart’s companies won $100,000 each, which is rather nice.

Gee whiz. I’d be very happy about that. Anyway, thank you very much for that one, Richard. We shouldn’t necessarily just assume because somebody’s a billionaire there. Uh, whatever. But yes, I have read about that apparently extremely generous. 13 1269 if you’d like to have a say, you can email Richard at two HD. and if you’d like to SMS the text number 0458 049 209, coming up to 530. Diane Coventry Garland next with the news.