Processing plant

The processing plant consists of six individual scrubbing, screening and
de-sanding circuits.

The wet scrubbing units are used to break down the sticky clays attached to the ore, into a fine suspended clay fraction suitable for subsequent wet beneficiation. Beneficiation is the process of separating the valuable material from the
waste material.

After passing through the wet scrubber units the ore is fed into the screening circuit. The screening circuit sorts the ore into Lump and Fines products. Lump ore produced from the processing plant will range in size from 8mm to 40mm, while Fines ore will be less than 8mm in size.

This top deck of the screen separates oversize material (>40mm) which is then tertiary crushed for further size reduction. The lower deck separates material into Lump product (>8mm to <40mm) which is delivered via conveyors straight to the lump product stockyard.

Sub 8mm ore is transferred to a single deck wet banana screen, which separates the ore into Fines product (<8mm to >1mm) with the undersize material (<1mm) pumped to the de-sanding circuit for gangue (impurities) removal.

Five de-sand modules operate in parallel in this circuit with each module consisting of cyclone classification, up current classification and spiral concentration units which use water and gravity movement to filter and remove gangue material.

Each module contains both rougher and scavenger spirals. Rougher spirals produce three products; concentrate, middlings and tailings, with concentrate directed to vacuum filter belts for de-watering and middlings and tailings material sent to the scavenger spirals.

Scavenger spirals recover any iron minerals that is contained in the middlings and tailings material. Concentrate from the scavenger spirals is sent to the vacuum filter belts for de-watering and tailings are pumped to the residue thickener for disposal to the tailings storage facility.

De-watered ultra-fines product is then recombined with coarse Fines on the Fines transfer conveyor and delivered to the mine stockyard.