Mine stockyard

Lump and fines products are conveyed to separate stockpiles via stacker feed conveyors. The Lump and Fines stackers are capable of stacking ore at a rate of 5,500tph. The mine stockyard is configured into three piles in each product yard,
with each pile holding approximately 180,000 tonnes of product. Live ore stockyard capacity of lump and fines is 1,080,000 tonnes.

Lump and Fines ore are reclaimed by a bucket wheel reclaimer at a maximum rate of 14,000tph. Ore is then conveyed from the reclaimer to the train load out facility to be loaded onto trains. The train load out facility can load a 232 ore wagon train in 160 minutes and loads five trains per day.

During processing, regular sampling of the ore is conducted in highly automated laboratories at, various points within the processing plant, sample stations before stockpiling and a sample station prior to train loading to ensure strict quality consistency is maintained.