In-loading Circuit

The in-loading circuit is comprised of the rail loop, car dumper, apron feeders, conveyors, two ore stackers and the Lump and Fines product stockpiles.

The Port rail loop runs around the port stockyard and is designed to allow trains to be unloaded and then depart without having to be shunted. The rail loop also protects the stockyard infrastructure from cyclonic and storm surge events as it is elevated.

Trains are unloaded through the 11,250tph rotary car dumper system, which tips two ore cars at a time in an 88 second cycle to distribute ore to either the Lump and Fines product stockpiles. Ore is distributed via four conveyors, which can directly feed either of the two 14,500tph rail mounted stackers or the screen-house and out-loading conveyor, bypassing the stockpiles to be directly loaded onto a ship.

The stackers direct ore onto the correct stockpile based on the product type and stockpile status as directed from the Remote Operations Centre in Perth. The Port stockyards ensure that Lump and Fines products are blended correctly before being shipped to customers It also provides a buffer between the Port and the Mine to ensure that ships can still be loaded even if the Port stops receiving product from the Mine for some time.