Mrs Georgina (Gina) Hope Rinehart

Chairman and Director

Mrs Gina Rinehart became Executive Chairman of the Hancock Prospecting Group (HPPL) in 1992 and has been responsible for the protection and substantial growth of the company group.

Shortly after assuming her Chairmanship, Mrs Rinehart visited the Pilbara together with Richard Paquay, Chief Geologist. They landed at Newman and made their way by vehicle to Roy Hill.

After ground inspection and sampling, the Chairman requested the Roy Hill area be pegged for HPPL and in 1993, exploration licences – 46/334, 46/335 and 46/336 were granted to HPPL. From 1993 to 2010, exploration drilling and prefeasibility studies were undertaken, with the prefeasibility study and bankable feasibility study demonstrated the Roy Hill project was robust.

Today, Roy Hill is considered around the world as a landmark mining project which will deliver enormous benefits to the broader community. In July 2014, construction of the Roy Hill project advanced past the 50% completion stage – placing the project in a good position to deliver its first ore on ship well within the scheduled timeframe of September 2014.

The vision and drive of Mrs Rinehart along with the support and commitment of Equity Partners will ensure the continued success of the Roy Hill project.


Tad Watroba

Executive Director

Mr Tad Watroba has more than 40 years total experience in both open cut and underground mining, encompassing mining operations, mine planning, feasibility studies, project financial evaluation, negotiations with government and non-government organisations, business development, joint venture participation, project commissioning, exploration management, audits and other related activities.

Tad has worked in iron ore, manganese, gold, brown and black coal, oil shale, copper, zinc and lead and was employed by Bechtel and several small-to-medium sized gold companies prior to joining HPPL in 1991. Tad has broad and significant experience with mining projects in Australia, Papua New Guinea (Ok Tedi), China and New Zealand.


Professor Ian Plimer


Professor Ian Plimer is Emeritus Professor at The University of Melbourne where he was Professor and Head (1991-2005). He was Professor of Geology (University of Newcastle 1985-1991) and Professor of Mining Geology (University of Adelaide 2005-2012).

He has been awarded inter alia the prestigious Leopold von Buch Medal for Science, the Centenary Medal, the Eureka Prize (twice) and is a Fellow of the Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, a Fellow of the Geological Society of London and a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. He has published more than 130 scientific works and is author of eight books for the general public, four of which were best sellers.

Professor Plimer’s main geological interests are in ore deposits in base metal deposits (particularly in Broken Hill; epithermal precious metals, Sn-W systems). He serves on the Boards of listed public companies (Ivanhoe Australia Ltd, Niuminco Group Ltd, Kefi Minerals Ltd) and unlisted companies (such as Roy Hill Holdings Pty Ltd and TNT Mines Ltd). He also served on the Board of the ASX-listed CBH Resources (1998-2010) until it was acquired by Toho Zinc and continues to advise Toho Zinc.


Sung Wook Kang



POSCO Raw Materials Dept. I, HeadSenior Vice President (Jan. 2019)

POSCO Raw Materials Dept. I, Coal Procurement Group Leader (Jan. 2018)

POSCO Raw Materials Projects Group Leader (Mar. 2014)

POSCO Raw Materials Procurement Dept., Coal Procurement Team Leader (Apr. 2012)

POSCO Australia, General Manager (Apr. 2008)

Pohang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (Jan. 1993)


Seiichi Kuwata


Seiichi Kuwata has more than 30 years’ experience in natural resources industry with expertise in trading, investment, development of new mines and joint venture management especially in steel making material fields. After joining Marubeni, he started his career in the iron ore industry looking after South America and  the Hamersley, WA region together for about 7 years.

As the general manager of Light Metals Dept. of Marubeni in 2011, he contributed much in developing and expanding aluminium-smelting business, including in Australia and Canada, and trades in aluminium ingots / billets. Before becoming the COO of Metals & Mineral Resources Div. in 2020, he was the Regional CEO for Oceania, Marubeni Corporation and the Chairman & Managing Director, Marubeni Australia Ltd. His current responsibility as COO of Metals & Mineral Resources Div. of Marubeni reaches not only iron ore and coal but also other metals such as copper and aluminum businesses. He graduated from Seijo University where he majored in economics and joined Marubeni in 1987.