Our approach to drive performance and achieve success

At Roy Hill, there are five key approaches to drive performance and achieve success. These approaches tell us what we will do to deliver on our objective of 55Mtpa and to be a high performing iron ore business.

Approach 1: Apply innovative, risk managed decision making

At Roy Hill, we plan for the present and the future. Our holistic approach to planning and decision making helps to manage risk by breaking down silos and encouraging us to consider all aspects of our business when planning for success.

We source, apply and adapt proven innovation, and at the same time encourage and empower our people to find smarter and better ways of working. By continuously looking for improvement opportunities, we maximise margins on a sustained basis

Approach 2: Embrace and respect our Roy Hill community

The Roy Hill community is made up of internal and external stakeholders who are directly involved in, or associated with Roy Hill. These include our employees, contractors, suppliers, Hancock Prospecting (HPPL), customers, equity partners, project financiers, traditional owners, other stakeholders and communities with whom we work.

A culture of collaboration and support enables us to share knowledge and experiences, encouraging innovation. Each member of our community is valued and contributes to Roy Hill’s success. By working together, we are laying the foundations for sustainable future success.

Approach 3: Financial prudence

The adage “maximise return on investments” applies to the focus and approach to our business at Roy Hill. Focused on our margins by producing smarter, cost‑efficient tonnes, we must always carefully consider the decisions we make and the implications of our actions to ensure value is delivered to our stakeholders.

Our solutions should be financially prudent and fit for purpose – meaning we will always carefully consider and explore financially sensible, viable, and cost-effective alternatives and remain conscious of the fact that we are working within the parameters of our project financing.

Approach 4: Business Improvement culture

We are committed to building an improvement culture that is high-performing, resilient, low-cost, and based on robust decision making. Our people learn rapidly, are outcomes-focused, and are committed to achieving our goals and targets, taking personal accountability for delivering results.

Approach 5: Utilise technology and capability to future proof our business

Technology along with the capability and attitude of our people strengthens the foundation for our future. We have created a different environment through state-of-the art facilities, including the ROC and the Mine Village; with a focus on integrating business systems, processes and technology to achieve maximum efficiency.

The attitudes and behaviours along with skills, knowledge and capabilities of our people, are fundamental to our success. We place great emphasis on ensuring we hire the right people for the right role and are committed to nurturing the talent we bring into the business through training and development opportunities to allow people to realise their full potential.