Roy Hill Environmental Vision

Our vision is to deliver high performance in environment management by implementing a framework for compliance with legal requirements, supporting operational activities to minimise impact to the environment and evaluating, improving and delivering cost effective environmental performance.

Roy Hill Environmental Values

Our values help to define how we approach our work. The values underpin the behaviours that Roy Hill personnel and contractors are expected to demonstrate when undertaking work activities. These values and expectations are outlined below as they relate to environmental management.

  • Lead – Roy Hill takes accountability for its actions and commits to protecting the environment and community it interacts with;
  • Care – Roy Hill cares for the environmental values within the Roy Hill community. Roy Hill collaborates within and across teams, and respects individual differences by being open and fair;
  • Think – Roy Hill combines cross-industry methods, technology and judgement to create innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions. Roy Hill values learning, shares knowledge and carefully considers the environmental impacts of decisions; and
  • Perform – Roy Hill manages risk and focuses on sustainable outcomes by being decisive to deliver results.

Roy Hill Environment Team

The Roy Hill Environment Team aims to lead the business in caring for the environment, implementing the Environmental Management System and delivering innovative, sustainable, cost effective and high performance outcomes in environmental management that are in line with community expectations.

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