Roy Hill’s Career Enrichment Program

Roy Hill’s much-anticipated Career Enrichment Program (CEP) was officially launched in May 2018, and is led by our Career Enrichment Advisor Natalie Taylor. We are very proud of this initiative and the opportunities this program creates for our people.

At Roy Hill, we are committed to our values of Lead, Care, Think and Perform, and it is important that we create an environment where our people can continuously learn and develop. This commitment is underpinned by our culture of improvement, technology and innovation. We are fostering a culture which recognises that our people are central to our success.

The CEP is designed to help our people achieve our vision of being a high performing iron ore business where people contribute and realise their full potential through a combination of the following:

  • 2 development days per year that can be used to develop additional skills for the benefit of existing and future roles inside and outside the company
  • 2 days of experiential learning involving working in another part of the business to experience other roles
  • An expression of interest program which provides employees with an opportunity to move in to other roles within the business
  • Linkedin Learning will provide employees access to relevant courses to help develop additional skills for existing and future roles inside and outside the company
  • A job swap program which will allow employees to enrich their career by moving into other roles with a similar skill set

These opportunities are fully funded by Roy Hill for the benefit of all A and B Band employees (typically operators and maintainers). A dedicated internal portal has been developed to support our people on their development journey. This portal contains:

  • A variety of information about all A and B Band (Administrators, Accountants, Assistants, Operators, Coordinators, Personal Assistants, Maintainers, Technicians) jobs
  • Career progression planning tools
  • Learning opportunities
  • Communication tools

The CEP is just one of the ways we provide rich and diverse opportunities to help our people prepare and work towards a better future and we look forward to sharing more about the program.

Here are a couple of comments from employees after they completed their experiential learning opportunities:

….” I got a good insight into the Planner role. I was given some good tools for further learning. I learned how I can do things differently in my current role to assist the Planners in theirs


….” The experience has helped me gain further understanding of what the role entails and has added to my computer skills knowledge. Having spent some time in the area, I now know that I would like to start paving my career down this path…


….” The 2 days’ work experience was valuable in providing exposure to the role so that I could determine whether it is suitable and something I am interested in further pursuing. I am grateful that Roy Hill offers the Career Enrichment Program and provides employees with the opportunity for career progression. I believe it is a program that boosts employee morale and longevity.

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We believe our employees career is one of the most important aspects of their life, and in many ways, it shapes who they are. Roy Hill has committed to partnering with our people to help them achieve their career aspirations; whether it be a promotion, a transfer, developing in their current role, or preparing for a completely different career in another industry. The CEP will help our people shape what’s next for them.