Roy Hill congratulates our wonderful milk supplier Bannister Downs.

Double Delight – matching awards for Bannister Downs Dairy cream range at 2020 state and national dairy awards

June, 2020

Bannister Downs Dairy has once again been judged to be among the best in the country, receiving 20 gold and silver awards across the state and national 2020 Dairy Industry AssociaFon Awards (DIAA) competitions.

With Australians across the country indulging in ‘iso-baking’, the recent announcement of the award-winners seemed appropriate, as the two dessert creams from Bannister Downs Dairy both earned gold awards at both state and national level.

The cherry on top was the welcome news that Bannister Downs Dairy’s Fresh Cream had been named Champion Cream in WA, the result endorsing the consistency of product coming out of the Northcliffe-based dairy, with the Fresh Cream winning the Champion Cream and gold award at the WA awards for the second year running. Their Double Cream (a previous AGDA champion cream winner) won its sixth and seventh gold awards at the DIAA state and national competitions, while the two gold awards for the Fresh Cream represented the 10th and 11th times it had been awarded DIAA gold.

The awards earned by Bannister Downs Dairy at this year’s Covid19 impacted events the results of which were provided online continued an award-winning tradition at the dairy which has a well-established reputation for premium quality milk and cream products.

In addition to the wins in the cream categories, Bannister Downs Dairy won gold awards for its Farm Fresh, All Lite and Non-Homogenised milks, as well as for the Mango Smoothie and Spearmint Blitz flavoured range, while it also received eight silver awards across the range, backing up a years-long winning streak for the dairy which has always done it’s best to get the fundamentals right.

Bannister Downs Dairy managing director Sue Daubney said the family knew they had to start with a quality raw product from day one.

“We’ve worked really hard over the years to be innovative and also to offer a product with a point of difference, but we knew we had to prioritise the basics, which is why from the very beginning, we’ve always tried to be the best dairy farmers we can be,” Mrs Daubney said.

“2020 has been a difficult year for people all over the world and the dairy industry here in WA hasn’t been immune from the economic impacts of Covid19 so these awards announcements have been a wonderful excuse to celebrate how far we’ve come in the 15 years since we’ve been on this journey.

“We won’t let this pandemic stop us – we’ve got lots of goals to work towards and these wins have given us a bit of pep in our step to go forward into the next half of 2020 and beyond.”

Mrs Gina Rinehart, business partner and good friend of the Daubney Family was very delighted to see their hard working West Australian team at Bannister Downs achieve such great results with the entire range of fresh Bannister Downs Dairy products at both State and national DIAA 2020 CompeFFon.”

“Mrs Rinehart commented ‘Even before we invested in Bannister Downs and became partners, I loved their milks and cream products, the best I’ve tasted. It is exciting for all who work at Bannister Downs to have the recognition via these tremendous awards by State and national judges. Congratulations! It’s also wonderful to hear our products leave shelves quickly, knowing our delicious products are enjoyed by consumers, judges and even critics! A lot of care goes into our cows, which are grazed on scenic pastures, with clean fresh air, automatic milking to reduce stress plus massage brushes when they chose, and the results of all this show in our products. We are looking forward to making our excellent West Australian range available to more people very soon’

The DIAA awards announcement came in the wake of the two national gold awards presented to Ecolean in May who were recognised for the innovative and easy to use design of the Bannister Downs Dairy pouches at the 2020 Australasian Packaging InnovaFon and Design (PIDA) Awards, and the first delivery of farm fresh milk to the Roy Hill mine site in the Pilbara in early June, another exciting win for the South West dairy.

“Now, more than ever, we are all thinking carefully about our health and what we put into our bodies, which is why I believe that the choice to source single-origin, fresh and all-natural milk from our farm should be commended,” Mrs Daubney said.

The delivery of Bannister Downs Dairy milk into the Pilbara mine site was made possible in conjunction with Roy Hill management and ISS Facility Services and is hopefully just the start of more fresh, local and healthy South West produce reaching the mine sites of WA’s north.”


Bannister Downs Dairy was established in 1924 by the Daubney family. Bannister Downs Dairy brand was established in 2005.

The Daubney family have been delighted to receive awards for the Bannister Downs range at every WA Dairy Industry AssociaFon Awards, Perth Royal Show and Australian Dairy Industry Awards since 2007. Consistent recognition of the standard of product sold under the Bannister Downs Dairy banner continues to be a point of pride for the Daubney family and the team at Bannister Downs.

The Daubney family when seeking to grow their business further were fortunate to be offered a partnership by Gina Rinehart in 2014. The partnership has been very positive and allowed for significant investment across all aspects of the Bannister Downs Dairy business, always with animal welfare, team well-being and product quality as shared priorities between the Daubney family, Mrs Rinehart and her team at Hancock Agriculture.

Bannister Downs Dairy remains very much a local family farming business with a strong focus on community, and now with all the added benefits of the experience and expertise of the Hancock Agriculture team.”

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