Iron ore set to deliver $1.5b bonus

Article by Josh Zimmerman courtesy of the West Australian

WA is on track to bank nearly $1.5 billion more in iron ore royalties than the McGowan Government predicted just weeks ago – a windfall that would nearly double the State’s forecast surplus to an incredible $3.7 billion.

The steel-making commodity has so far defied predictions and continued to soar in price, yesterday reaching $US169 a tonne, compared with December predictions of $US103.70.

Treasurer Ben Wyatt cautioned that the iron ore price was likely to moderate in coming months and indicated any royalties bonanza would be reinvested in infrastructure rather than used to pay down State debt, which is currently expected to peak at $42b in 2023.

Revised Proposal for the Roy Hill Iron Ore Mine – Environmental Review Document

Roy Hill Iron Ore Pty Ltd

Revised Proposal for the Roy Hill Iron Ore Mine – Environmental Review Document

11 January 2021 – 25 January 2021


Roy Hill Iron Ore Pty Ltd (RHIO) proposes to amend the existing Roy Hill Iron Ore Mine Proposal to increase the ground disturbance footprint by 5,995 hectares, incorporate a life of mine water management strategy (including water abstraction, dewatering and Managed Aquifer Recharge), revise the waste material management strategy including changes to backfilling of pits and waste rock dump locations, develop permanent surface water structures and have an increase to greenhouse gas emissions via the Revised Proposal.

An Environmental Review Document (ERD) has been prepared by RHIO in accordance with Environmental Protection Authority procedures and is released for public review.

The ERD describes the Revised Proposal, examines the likely environmental effects and the proposed environmental management procedures associated with the Revised Proposal.

Hard copies of the document may be purchased for $10 (including postage and packaging) or a CD version is available free of charge from:


5 Whitham Road Perth Airport 6105

6242 1000

Copies of the document may also be downloaded from or

Copies of the document will be available for examination at:

  • State Library of Western Australia (25 Francis St, Perth)
  • Shire of East Pilbara Public Library (Kalgan Drive, Newman)

Public submissions are to be received by the EPA by 25 January 2021

Submissions are to be made at:

Alternatively submissions can be

  • posted to: Chair, Environmental Protection Authority, Locked Bag 10, Joondalup DC, WA 6919.
  • delivered to: the Environmental Protection Authority, Prime House, 8 Davidson Terrace, Joondalup 6027.

If you have any questions on how to make a submission, please ring the EPA Services of the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation on 6364 7000.


Revised Proposal – Environmental Review Document – Public Environmental Review 

Appendix 01 – ESD Scoping

Appendix 02 – LOM WMS

Appendix 03 – Groundwater Model Transport Simulations

Appendix 04 – MAR Groundwater Data Review

Appendix 05 – Mine Closure Plan 2018 -2021 DRAFT

Appendix 06 – S38_Hydraulic_Structures

Appendix 07 – World View 3 GDV mapping

Appendix 08 – Consolidated Flora and Vegetation Report

Appendix 09 – LOM WMS Vegetation Risk Assessment inc Add 2

Appendix 10 – Roy Hill Vegetation Management Plan – Mine

Appendix 11 – Survey Effort Maps for MNES and Fauna.pdf

Appendix 12 – Ecologia Environment (2006) SRE Survey 2006

Appendix 13 – Ecologia (2008b) Additional SRE Survey Report

Appendix 14 – ENV Australia (2009) Roy Hill Borefield Vertebrate Fauna Assessment

Appendix 15 – Roy Hill Iron Ore Project Borefield Desktop Survey (Ecologia, 2009)

Appendix 16 – Ecologia (2009d) Short-range Endemic Desktop Survey

Appendix 17 – Western Australian Museum (2009) The SRE Invertebrate Fauna of Roy Hill

Appendix 18 – Ecologia (2010) Additional SRE invertebrate survey

Appendix 19 – Ecologia Environment (2009b) Remote Borefeild & Pipeline Short Range Endemic Survey

Appendix 20 – Bennelongia (2011) Monitoring SRE at RHIO 2011

Appendix 21 – Bennelongia (2012) Monitoring SRE at RHIO Feb 2012

Appendix 22 – Bennelongia (2013) Monitoring SRE Invertebrates at RHIO April-July2013

Appendix 23 – Roy Hill Fauna List

Appendix 24 – Ecologia 2009d Level 2 Detailed Fauna Survey

Appendix 25 – Biologic 2017 Level 1 Targeted Fauna Survey

Appendix 26 – Biologic 2018a Level 1 Targeted Fauna Survey

Appendix 27 – Animal Plant Mineral 2010 Fauna Habitat Survey of the Proposed Borefields Pipeline Route from adjacent Roy Hill Station to Eaton Bore

Appendix 28 – Ecologia 2008 Level 1 Fauna Survey

Appendix 29 – Biologic 2020 Level 1 Targeted Survey

Appendix 30 – Roy_Hill_Night_Parrot_Survey_Final

Appendix 31 – Biologic 2020a Roy Hill Development Project Short-Range Endemic Invertebrate Fauna Desktop Assessment

Appendix 32 – Roy Hill Short Range Endemic Species List

Appendix 33 – Ecologia (2009) Interim SRE Invertebrate Report

Appendix 34 – Phoenix (2011) Level1 Fauna survey and desktop review for the Roy Hill Infrastructure Railway – Bonney Downs Alignment

Appendix 35 – Mine Vertebrate Fauna Management Plan

Appendix 36 – SWIB Troglofauna Assessment

Appendix 37 – Subterranean Fauna LOM WMS Desktop Review

Appendix 38 – Remote MAR Subterranean Fauna and Hydrogeology_241120

Appendix 39 – TSF Decant Water Re-use Risk Assessment

Appendix 40 – Peer Review of LOM WMS

Appendix 41- Roy Hill Mine Water Management Plan

Appendix 42 – Greenhouse Gas Management Plan – Roy Hill Iron Ore Mine

Appendix 43 – Roy Hill Rehabilitation Success Report

Appendix 44 – Conservation Significant Fauna Offset Strategy

Appendix 45 – Impact Reconciliation Procedure

Appendix 46 – EPBC Act Protected Matters Search August 2018

Appendix 47 – MNES Regional Distribution Maps

Appendix 48 – Migratory Birds Regional Distribution Maps

Appendix 49 – Proposed Schedule 1

Key Figures – Roy Hill Revised Proposal

Drilling deep for support

Article courtesy of Joondalup Times

Drilling Deep for Support

A MINING contractor has given one of its machines a pink makeover to raise funds for Breast Cancer Care WA.

Ranger Drilling painted Drill Rig 5, which operates at Roy Hill, bright pink in its efforts to raise $50,000 for the charity by the end of January.

The Wangara-based operator was inspired by the iron ore mine’s practice of painting mining equipment pink in recognition and support of cancer sufferers.

They held a family fun day at their head office on December 22 to unveil the pink rig, which has been overhauled this summer.

The company also planned to approach clients, suppliers and staff to help fundraise through raffles and barbecues at their worksites.

General manager Stuart Baird Breast Cancer Care WA was chosen because keeping their support local was important to them.

“Breast cancer affects a lot of us personally through family, friends and colleagues,” he said.

“Breast Cancer Care WA provide important support services to local people affected by this illness.

“The idea of a pink drill rig is to create a focal point for our fundraising a pink drill rig is not a ‘normal’ thing to see.

“We hope that this raises awareness, and discussion which turn into donations.” Breast Cancer Care WA lost about $1 million in fundraising in 2020 due to the impact of COVID-19 but continued to deliver services to all clients, despite an eightweek shutdown.