The employment opportunities that are available for the Roy Hill Project, fall into two distinct categories, construction and operational. During the construction phase (from late 2013-2015) 8500 temporary construction jobs will need to be filled, while during the operational phase of the project (from 2015) around 2000 permanent Australian jobs will be created.

It is important to note that most employment opportunities for the construction phase of the project will not be directly offered by Roy Hill, instead they will be recruited by major contracting firms.

While construction on the mine site has already begun it is expected that this will accelerate in the next six to 12 months when large scale contractors begin to ramp up their work on the mine and associated infrastructure.

We have set an ambitious, but achievable timeline for development of the project, because the sooner construction is finished, the sooner the production phase will commence, which will lead to the creation of a considerable number of full-time, permanent jobs for Australians.

During the operational phase of the project, Roy Hill will be offering a broad range of fly-in/fly-out, regional residential and Perth based employment opportunities.

Please visit the current employment opportunities available for the operations phase or alternately register your interest to be included on our database for employment opportunities that will become available with our contractors during the construction phase.